Mug’s Club

upcoming-eventsInitially established at the South Eastern Tavern prior to WWII, by a group of men who drank from beer jugs (hence the name ‘Mug’s Club’).

After WWII the Club moved to the Denmark Arms and has been at its current location (Ashford Railway Club) for at least 20 years.

This group was put together with the intention of raising money for charities and other local worthy causes, by arranging a wide range of special events throughout the year.  In addition, a generous amount of money is also saved up annually and used to help old-aged pensions at Christmas time.

Past events have included: Halloween discos, race nights, sponsored walks, duck racing, fun days with BBQ, to name but a few.

This tradition has continued and will do so since the Mug’s Club moved into Ashford Railway Club (Kent).

Please note: this is not a registered charity.

If you wish to find out more keep an eye out for posters placed around the Club and also on the What’s On guide and our Facebook page